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1. The operator of website (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Website’) is Wanda Śniegucka who conducts a Law Firm of Attorney-at-Law Wanda Śniegucka, A. Struga 16, 90-513 Łódź (hereinafter referred to as ‘The Office”).

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3. Cookies files constitute computer data, in particular text files which are stored in a terminal equipment of a user of the internet Website and are designated for using the internet Website.

4. The cookies files on the Website are designated solely for maintaining session of the user of the Website.

5. Cookies mechanism is not used by the Law Firm for obtaining any information about users of the Website neither for monitoring their navigation nor creating statistics. The cookies files which are used on the Website do not store any personal data or other information about the users.

6. Software used for browsing websites (Internet browser) usually implicitly allows for storage of the cookies files in the terminal equipment of the user. The users of the Website may change settings within this scope. The Internet browser allows to delate of the cookies files. Automatic blocking of the cookies files is also possible.

7. Limitations of the application of the cookies files may influence some functionalities accessible on the Website.

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